• Thursday 15 21:00 - 22:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Sound and vision depth

With composure and clarity of thought, Anna Müller and Paul R. Wallner have spent time consolidating their own sound, which moves between deep mid tempo techno and melancholic vocal pop. But it is not simply sound and music that fuel HVOB: for them it is essential to work with the artistic, visual and music aspects simultaneously. This has led to an intense collaboration with the Viennese artist Clemens Wolf, as well as VJ Lichterloh, their regular live show accomplice. Together they have created their latest album, "Trialog", which is composed of songs but also extends to a multidisciplinary project that includes sound installations and videos, which will form the basis of their performance at SonarVillage.

Müller and Wallner created HVOB with the idea to move beyond a simple musical project, while at the same time shaping their vision of ​​how 21st century electronic pop should sound. Their songs fuse the acoustic with the synthetic, using  exquisite beats and minimalist structures produced by both Müller and Wallner as well as emotive vocal melodies. Their 2013 eponymous debut first raised awareness while their latest album "Trialog" further develops the importance of their project. This has resulted in their first tour of America and in June they will debut at Sónar by Day.