• Friday 16 03:25 - 03:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

Rock solid Rhymes

In the crowded and competitive UK/ and grime scene, Giggs is a solid bet. Some may have only recently discovered him, but for many years he has been working intensively on rhythms and rock-solid rhymes, with a deep, incredibly varied and seemingly limitlessly creative discourse. 2016 was an important year for him, releasing his latest album, "Landlord" (featuring a collaboration with Stormzy), and launching the SN1 label, also the name of the collective he leads. The labels' first release was mixtape on which he shares the limelight with co-conspirators including Joe Grind, Kyze and T. Boost. After many years of hard work, Giggs is now experiencing a particularly good moment in his career and will perform at Sónar by Night. Born in Peckham, South London - one of the capitals centers of grime -  Giggs released his debut album "Walk in Da Park" in 2008, a record full of verbal twists and word plays. The following year he signed to XL Recordings, and has since been perfecting his style on numerous albums and mixtapes; A street style sustained by his enviable communicative ability and beats often closer to hip hop than to grime, without shying away from the dominant trap sound of recent years. "Landlord" has been heralded by critics and audiences alike, and has seen Giggs reach the top of his game, with no signs of slowing down.