Warp / UK

  • Saturday 17 16:30 - 17:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

The Heartbeat of the city

Operating from the vibrant London neighbourhood of Brixton, this year GAIKA has managed to capture the beating heart of London’s urban scene like no other, in music that uses grime, dancehall and hip hop as starting points to form a dense, urban, industrial as well as romantic sound. For a few hours SonarHall will transform into the setting for his astounding compositions, with a concert that will further reaffirm the strengths of “Spaghetto EP”, his debut on Warp, and the first of a trilogy of records due for release before his arrival at the festival.

Originally part of Manchester collective Murkage, Gaika's popularity grew following his two solo mixtapes, “Machine” (2015) and “Security” (2016); each loaded with reflective and personal songs elevated by otherworldly beats and futuristic production. This is his trademark: emotional and profound content, complex and experimental in form. In addition to these albums, Gaika has developed film projects (he produced a short film to accompany the release of “Security”) and has trained in the scenic and performing arts, disciplines fully integrated into his live show, to offer an on stage experience that marries perfectly to the expressive nature of his sound.