Fran Lenaers


  • Saturday 17 21:30 - 22:40

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Spanish DJ pioneer

The legendary DJ Fran Lenaers was one of the first DJs in Spain (if not the first) whose sets combined dance music and guitars with truly amazing skill and technique. If a mix was about to drop out, Lenaers would change from one track to another without any problem and was always able to find common elements in tracks with seemingly impossible connections, mixing them with talent and imagination that inspired an entire generation of Spanish DJs in the 1990s. He was resident at the Spook nightclub from 1984 to 1989, a key venue on the Levantine coast and home to legendary all night -  and beyond -  parties; A scene immortalized in the 1993 documentary 'La ruta del bacalao'. In 2017 he will perform at Sónar for the first time to play one of his glorious sets on the immense SonarClub stage.

Lenaers has received much deserved acclaim in recent years via blogs and specialized media, new fans of electronica, and more recently books such as “Bacalao. The History of Dance Music in Valencia, 1980-1995”, written by Luis Costa, and published by Contra. In addition to his memorable sets and inimitable ability to mix new wave, early techno, electronic pop, epic guitars and EBM, Lenaers was also the founder and leader of the Megabeat group and label, creating a new form of electronic pop that would define an era of music in Spain. Although it may seem an exaggeration, it is reasonable to compare what Lenaers did in Spain with Larry Levan’s work at the Paradise Garage in New York, or Mike Pickering and co.’s mythical Hacienda nights in Manchester: opening new avenues of expression for dance music, enlightening the public of that time, and transforming the work of a DJ into pure art.