Red Bull Music Academy presents

Floorplan Live (Robert Hood & Lyric Hood)

M-Plant / US

  • Friday 16 21:00 - 22:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarDôme

Classic Detroit Techno, Intergenerational

The first Floorplan records appeared in the mid '90s, and although Detroit techno legend Robert Hood was behind the tunes, their disco, house and gospel leanings offered something very different from the cold, minimal techno he was creating under his own name at the time. Instead of stark, skeletal rhythms, Floorplan tracks were powered by nods to funk, soul and spirituality, traits that only intensified when Hood restarted the project in earnest during the early 2010s. Mirroring the increased role of his religion in his own life, releases like 2011's Sanctified EP have been described by Hood as being directly influenced by his relationship with God, and found him employing his musical intuitions and precise production methods in the creation of a new kind of gospel. In 2013, the first Floorplan full-length, Paradise, was released to widespread acclaim, introducing Hood to a new generation of clubbers as songs like "Never Grow Old" became full-blown anthems on dancefloors around the globe. Since then, the project has expanded to include Hood's daughter Lyric, and the duo released a second Floorplan LP, Victorious, in 2016. This year's edition of Sónar Festival will see the father-daughter duo deliver the debut performance of their collaborative live show.