Elysia Crampton

Break World Records / US

  • Friday 16 18:00 - 19:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Shamanic collision

There are few artists who are immediately identifiable from their very first releases, for their unique sound and mould-breaking voices, answering only to their own idiosyncrasies. Elysia Crampton is one of them. Her sound fuses Bolivian Andean and Amazonian traditions (where her origins lie) with modern digital production, giving rise to a new, exciting and very personal sound. On her latest album, “Demon City”, she has surrounded herself with collaborators including Chino Amobi, Rabit and Lexxi, and has also resurrected the figure of Bartolina Sisa, the Aymara fighter who led the resistance against Spanish colonialists in the late eighteenth century. Welcome to the fascinating world of Crampton: ancestral past, a dystopian future, jungle sounds and her commitment to the transgender community all come together in her esoteric and avant-garde rhythmic symbology.

The artist from Virginia has been producing and creating her own sounds for years, although it was only recently that she has shared her work with the public. Her first album, “American Drift” (Blueberry Records, 2015) was extremely well received by specialized music critics and made it abundantly clear that they were witnessing a one-off powerful creator and personality. Her political stands and her transsexual artist status translate to profound and shocking music, connecting seemingly distant cultures while imparting ideas through a sonic amalgam rich in texture and high in voltage.