DJ Bus Replacement Service


  • Thursday 15 20:25 - 21:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Outsider and radical

If there is one concert that will perfectly embody the open minded nature of the inaugural SonarXS stage, it's likely to be DJ Bus Replacement Service. To understand more about her, you have to dig deep on the Internet, where you will find her jumping happily between dubstep, italo, disco and gabber, all of which combined go to embody her outsider approach to music; these elements led her to record demonic mixes that leave the listener no room for indifference (such as those she has performed with the Chin Stroke Records collective). Her main objective is to provoke the audience, in the broadest sense. As the famous Coventry artist Russell Haswell once said, DJ Bus Replacement Service is something like “evil dressed as a policewoman.” It is as if the mischevious anime cartoon character Arale Norimaki had decided to DJ.