Dellafuente y Maka


  • Saturday 17 19:40 - 20:25

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Hunger for the underground

After the success of “Azulejo de Corales”, Dellafuente recently released a self-published album, “Ansia Viva”, applauded for its daring nature for a number of reasons: the quality of the rap that has characterized him from his early records; trap (the genre that Dellafuente has been alligned with in the press until quite recently); shades of an Andalusian sound that flirts with flamenco features; as well as other Caribbean influences such as bachata. The artist from Granada has said that we are at a time when trap and reggaeton have entered an all too obvious and clichéd territory. Dellafuente has therefore decided to leapfrog into mixing styles that will ensure a brighter future. The present, for the moment, tells us that his concerts regularly sell out, and his merchandising is moving at an astonishing rate. He will present his live show on the new SonarXS stage alongside his partner in crime Maka.