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Daphni & Hunee


  • Saturday 17 05:05 - 07:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

A blind date behind the decks

Two artists at the top of their game will perform together for the first time on Saturday night at SonarLab: Daphni, the dance-floor friendly alias of Dan Snaith (Caribou); and Hunee, based in Amsterdam and one of the most respected selectors on the European circuit. Until now both had only officially coincided via their respective remix roles on the Virgo Four remix album; Sónar 2017 will see them play together for first time, and if we take into account their tastes, skills and works to date we can expect a set of supreme quality, incorporating psychedelic house, African funk and dance floor friendly rarities from exotic climes. As Daphni Dan Snaith has found an outlet for his dance music passion, acquired for the most part since he moved to London from his native Ontario. Using this alias he has already released numerous singles, edits and remixes, in addition to the excellent "Jiaolong" album (2012), which is also the name of his label. Over the past decade Snaith has also become an accomplished DJ, demonstrating an innate sense of taste when hunting down hidden rarities from any genre and era. The same can be said for Hunee, an unassuming DJ whose fame has developed little by little largely thanks to his incredible sets in which he regularly opts for music 'feeling' over and above genre considerations. His talent and vision is also evident in his productions, especially on his only album to date, "Hunch Music" (Rush Hour, 2015).