Chesapik / ES

  • Saturday 17 14:00 - 15:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Magnetic fields

A surprise from the Barcelona scene: “Connectome”. The first album by a duo of the same name appeared inconspicuously a few months ago, but has resonated deeply with all those who have heard it. There is no real secret to explaining the ardour: emotive and intense songs, assembled with pianos, digital effects, and captivating melodies and near field vocals, unafraid to enter lyrical and supernatural terrain. Conceptually they also take things further than most, with lyrics discussing string theory and magnetic fields as if they were passionate love stories.

In fact, their name refers to the infinite map of the brain’s neural connections: yet another key to understanding the origins of the songs. Connectome are two people, Guillem Roma (vocals and piano) and Josep Maria Baldomà (electronic music), and a universe in which science, mystique, hypnosis and beauty combine. All this is crowned by a live show with a beguiling lighting display that further amplifies their inherent qualities. Next stop: SonarComplex.