Clara 3000

Kill The Dj / FR

  • Saturday 17 23:50 - 01:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Dark Paris

Presented by SACEM & French Waves

Before Justice take over the SonarClub stage, the vibe will already be firmly set thanks to one of the DJs of the moment, Clara 3000. Her sets are infamous for moving between different sound spectrums while maintaining a strong consistency, as demonstrated by her monthly residences on Rinse FM. Clara prefers simplicity and minimalism over baroque rhythms and overlapping sounds. Creating a dark, hypnotic, deep and constantly evolving sound out of minimal elements.

A former editor of Trax in her younger years, Clara was previously associated with the Ed Banger label (where she worked alongside Pedro Winter). She then became part of the Kill The DJ collective, along with Chloé and Ivan Smagghe, among others. In addition to shining as a DJ, Clara has also begun to excel as a remixer, with commissions from peers including Cristophe, C.A.R., and Londoner Krista Papista. Clara’s sets tends to veer towards classical techno, industrial electronica and krautrock, and her name is beginning to resonate even louder on the European circuits and in cult clubs like Salon Des Amateurs.