Clams Casino


  • Friday 16 00:35 - 01:35

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Other-wordly beats

A few years ago, Clams Casino became one of the most important producers in new underground and atmospheric hip hop, almost overnight. He recently cemented this reputation with “32 Levels”, his first record in four years. For the album he recruited several of the American scene’s best MCs, including Vince Staples, Lil B, Kelela and his friend and regular accomplice A$AP Rocky, all sharing their respective talents with the producer, although the real strength of this record are the slow, ghostly and addictive beats that are the hallmark of his sound. The New Jersey beatmaker -who prefers to remain in the background and is averse to media attention- will offer a special DJ set at Sónar by Night, in one of his rare public appearances. Expect narcotic rhythms, hallucinating sounds and beats from another world.

Mike Volpe’s story is in itself a victory for anonymous producers; the unexpected jump to fame of a hidden talent who spent hours and hours in front of his computer, perfecting his sound. The reason for this fame lies with “Live Love A$AP” (2011), the stunning debut mixtape from A$AP Rocky; although the reverse could also apply: the New York rapper owes much of the album's success to the parsimonious and hypnotic beats of Clams Casino. Since that time Volpe's cell phone hasn't stopped ringing, and his unique sound can be heard on tracks by artists including The Weeknd, FKA Twigs, Big KRIT, Schoolboy Q, Lil B, Danny Brown, Mac Miller and JJ Doom among many others. We should also not forget, of course, his solo releases, all of which come highly recommended: the Rainforest EP released on Tri Angle, and three self-published mixtapes. His long awaited return to the studio and his DJ set at Sónar is therefore excellent news for fans.