We Are Europe

c/o pop: Lena Willikens

Cómeme / DE

  • Friday 16 16:05 - 17:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Unorthodox and transversal dance music

To stand out in the hugely competitive international DJ panorama is no easy task. In just a short space of time Lena Willikens has achieved this, thanks to a quality not as common as we might think: her innate ability to select and mix exceptional, surprising and out of the ordinary music. The German cultivates a particular taste for unclassifiable and dark sounds, regardless of genre, era or name; her sets are always extraordinary and dynamic, but in a natural way, a logical consequence of her unconventional taste and selection. This year she will finally make her debut at Sónar with a mid-afternoon set at SonarVillage, the ideal place to enjoy her unique talent.

Lena Willikens deservedly earned fame thanks to her long residence at the Dusseldorf club Salon De Amateurs, which has become a mecca for lovers of oblique electronica and hidden rarities in a musical melting pot that stretches from techno to new wave. She is also an active member of the Cómeme family, the label run by Matias Aguayo, on which she has released her only EP to date ("Phantom Delia", in honour of her admiration for Delia Derbyshire). From the Radio Cómeme space she also offers her excellent podcast "Sentimental Flashback", allowing her an output for her inimitable vision beyond the DJ booth. In addition to all of this, Lena has begun to experiment with composing free-style soundtracks and is an expert operator of the theremin instrument.

This performance is presented by the German festival c/o pop as part of the We Are Europe project.