Arkestra / ES

  • Thursday 15 14:30 - 15:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Universal Intimacy

BFlecha returns with her new work, “Kwalia”, which she will present live on the SonarVillage stage. “Kwalia” consists of eleven tracks in which the Galician producer deciphers new ideas, concepts and techniques, taking us through the stratospheres of contemporary R&B, digital abstraction and Spanish pop. Unsurprisingly for those who have followed her career to date, on Kwalia Belén avoids clichés and is more interested in developing her own voice (one of the album’s main strengths) and ignoring pre-established fashions and formulas. For this album she collaborated with, among others, Mwëslee, El Guincho (who contributes vocals to one of her tracks) and Judah, who will also be present at Sónar 2017.

BFlecha's new album is once again released on Arkestra, the label on which she has released all of her material to date. “Kwalia” is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed “βeta” (2013), one of the most stimulating pop records released in Spain over the last decade, which skirted around the borders of electronica and r&b. The composer and vocalist from Vigo combines the most passionate sounds in her music (house, synth pop, r&b, soul), always demonstrating an exquisite taste and an individual flair, searching for the perfect balance between intimacy (personal emotions) and distance (outer space).