Resident Advisor

Beautiful Swimmers

Future Times / US

  • Saturday 17 01:45 - 03:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

"If you're ever feeling done with electronic music, go to a Beautiful Swimmers gig". With this sentence Resident Advisor introduced the Washington DC duo and they are not at all mistaken. Andrew Field-Pickering (also known as Maxmillion Dunbar) and Ari Goldman have spent almost ten years happily working together, adding their respective talents to singles, albums and sets characterized by a healthy hedonistic spirit and a high quality sound, without ever lingering for too long on a single genre. In their sets, classic house, innovative techno, UK garage and other worldly disco are juggled and combined to form a popular and pleasure seeking sound that is unpredictable, always dance floor friendly, euphoric and evocative. The lives of Goldman and Field-Pickering are almost fully immersed in music, both as vinyl collectors and by regular stints working behind the counter at record stores in their city. Both their solo and joint work as producers has helped to create a cult following thanks to singles including "Swimmers Groove" and "Big Coast" and their wonderful album "Son" in 2013 (all released through Field-Pickering's Future Times label). Their open-minded and indefatigable nature recently led them to play with Pender Street Steppers, record mixes for radio and shows including Beats In Space and Boiler Room, and release tracks on like-minded labels, such as L.I.E.S. (Ron Morelli's label) and People's Potential Unlimited.