Ransom Note / ES

  • Thursday 15 17:20 - 18:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Acid for the masses

Born in Italy, but now residing in Madrid, Bawrut has discovered his own sound and written his own blueprint, deriving from a large dose of popular genre interpretation, characterized by rhythm and sense of humour. On his most recent EP, for example, he entitled one of the tracks “Rumba” (also the name of his album) and another, “Routa”, revisiting the days of the Ruta del Bakalao  (once again the subject of recent books and articles), sampling a legendary TV report on a topic that was originally broadcast on Canal+ in 1993. Bawrut conceptualizes these elements and brings them to life by building strong and hypnotic contemporary acid house pieces around them.

Although performing and producing can often take time to master, for him everything began with his first 12” “Ciquita”, on Ransom Note, a devastating banger built around tropical congas, mobile sounds and destructive bass line rhythms. Copies quickly left the shelves with the likes of Jackmaster, Optimo and Boys Noize supporting it incessantly, making it an instant cult track in clubs around the world. “Rumba” is already beginning to cause similar waves and has all the ingredients to be an equally huge success. Everyone should pay close attention to his performance on Thursday at SonarVillage because Bawrut is perfectly capable of setting the dance floor on fire in a matter of seconds.