Avalon Emerson & Courtesy


  • Saturday 17 02:30 - 03:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Exquisite techno connection

Sónar 2017 puts two of today’s most interesting DJs and selectors behind the mixer: Avalon Emerson from the US, and Denmark's Courtesy. Together they will offer one of the exclusive b2b sessions being presented at this year’s festival. The amalgamation of two very personal sound universes can often provide surprising and totally unexpected results. Furthermore, Avalon and Courtesy join the list of young women who will bring their vision and talent to this year’s program, such as Lena Wilikens, Clara 3000 and Dr. Rubinstein, all who share a common strand in their stylistic range and ever-growing popularity as DJs.

Avalon Emerson was a prominent name on the underground circuit in 2016, with two singles on Whities (the recently created British label) and on the prestigious American label Spectral Sound (under the title “Narcissus In Retrogade”), both perfect examples of journey based hypnotic techno. A sound that fits well with the raw and cosmic electronica of the Danish producer and DJ and founder of Copenhagen's Apeiron collective, who previously performed at SonarDôme two years ago. It will therefore be a partnership that joins the very best in techno that is serious and opaque, and innovative and emotive in equal measure.