Arca (live) & Jesse Kanda (AV)


  • Thursday 15 21:00 - 22:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

The courage of a challenging artist

The mighty Arca, one of today's most extraordinary artists, will present his new album and live show at Sónar 2017. After astonishing the world with a series of astounding innovative sounding albums that mix advanced beats, obscure atmospherics and Latin rhythms, the Venezuelan Alejandro Ghersi's career takes another leap forward with a new album, on which he will sing on the majority of songs. This will surely signify another milestone for contemporary electronica, with yet more unimaginable sound contributions. While the impact of his first and only performance at Sónar, two years ago, accompanied by Jesse Kanda, still lingers on, this year he will once again perform live on stage at SonarHall: you couldn't ask for more…

In a very short space of time Arca has achieved what only a chosen few manage to do in their entire careers: to create his own new sound, and to carve out new territory in electronic music of the present and future. His breakthrough mixtape "&&&&&" in 2013 acted as the starting point for his short but rapidly advancing career. This led him to collaborate with some of today's biggest artists, such as FKA Twigs (producing her first EP and several debut album tracks), Kanye West (participating on four tracks of Yeezus) and Björk, who recruited him for her last album "Vulnicura". In addition, Arca has so far released two extraordinary LPs, "Xen" and "Mutant", jam-packed with futuristic beats, vivid structures and hallucinatory sounds. Last year he released his most recent mixtape, "Entrañas", another demonstration of his undoubted genius.