BCore / ES

  • Saturday 17 14:30 - 15:15

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Synthetic Darkness

“Skin” is yet another step forward in the already developed career of Catalan quintet Anímic. Their previous release “Hannibal” first saw them begin to incorporate electronic music into their compositions, and is now a dominant force in their sound. Drum machines have replaced drummers, and what was once bass and a guitar have become synthesizers; ideal instruments to shape songs that talk about what transpires when we lose the human elements that define us. Two components immediately standout: the penetrating voice of the inimitable Louise Sansom; and the visuals designed for each song by eight different filmmakers, which will form the aesthetic base for their concert at SonarHall.

In a career already spanning ten years, Anímic are renowned as one of the most non conformist groups in the country. Their first albums focused on pastoral indie folk songs, evolving towards an increasingly individual sound, demonstrated by superb works like “Hanna” (2011) and “Hannibal” (2013). The couple leading the group Ferran Palau and Louise Sansom recently took some time out to rest and recuperate. They return reinvigorated and in better form than ever. “Skin” is irrefutable proof of their quality and artistic aspirations.