Darkness always hides something inspiring and exciting, something that unleashes the most irrational curiosity for that which is hidden. Through the festival´s different spaces and creative collaborations, The Absolut Darkness presents what Absolut´s darkness hides in Sónar 2016. 

Absolut´s festival sponsorship proposals will reveal that inspiring and exiting, obscure object of desire which is hidden and we cannot see.

Innovative and hidden consumer experiences at Sónar by Night, VIP Area and Sónar by Day, will add up to the creative proposals of two collectives.

The Royal College of Art presents The Black Box by Absolut, a revealing immersive installation under the leadership of Matt Clark, as the result of committing to one of the leading design institutions in the world.

At Sónar by Night, Carlos Maté´s work for The Absolut Darkness, opens a unique experience for the visitors: a moment of solitude, silence and darkness in the middle of the vibrant nights of the festival.