SonarMix 008: Yugen Kala - Razor-sharp, ‘advanced’ club music


Few DJs on the Sónar 2022 lineup fit the festival’s founding motto of ‘Advanced Music’ better than Yugen Kala. The twins from Galicia have - at the tender age of 18 - honed a cutting-edge sound that’s sharp as a razor. For SonarMix 008 they go from 90 to 180 bpm in under an hour, shifting through avant-garde electronics, weightless grime, footwork, and all kinds of forward-thinking club music.

“A rhizomatic set that breaks from the constraints of being, a sonic entropy without complexes or borders,” is how they describe the 55 minutes and 58 seconds of their SonarMix, which was recorded in Mondo Club in their hometown of Vigo using 4 CDJs. The added firepower gave the brothers more options to explore their tastes and influences during “a really dynamic session”. So an opening blast of electroacoustic vocal composition from Ake Parmerud dissolves into (via way of Holly Herndon and Ytem’s menacing slice of glitchy vapourwave) a percussive experimental hip-hop track from Glia. It sets the tone for the rest of the mix: abrupt yet precisely executed shifts in style and tempo, and a mix of artists that goes from the renowned (Jlin, Mumdance, Slikback, Sophie...) to the mostly unknown (Granul, Fausto Mercier, WWWINGS).

For their set at SonarPark by DICE at Sónar by Day on Friday 17th June, they intend “to transmit a lot of energy, passion and love for music.” They’re  also bringing along multidisciplinary Barcelona-based artist Dømochevsky to provide visuals.

In the meantime, the pair have been busy, producing new music and preparing remixes, as well as hosting a regular monthly event FLUX at Mondo Club. Past, present and future Sónar performers like Loraine James, UNIIQU3 and DJ Lag are just some of the names who’ve passed by.

“Sónar is the festival we’ve always dreamed of playing,” say Nico and Héctor Iglesias over email. Based on this mix, it feels like a perfect fit.

Ake Parmerud - Grains of Voices
Holly Herndon - Breathe
Ytem - Oxalys
Gila - Trench Cadence
Glass - Online Fantasy (Zero Crossing Point Remix)
Space Afrika - B£E (aya wavefold)
Jader Toya - JT GOT STINGED (Walton Remix)
Martyn Bootyspoon - Steam
Richelle - All Black
Mumdance - FFS
st.grimes - Lenta (Miss Jay Remix)
Sophie - Faceshopping (Lipstick Gel Remix)
Wallwork - Havoc
Le Dom - Water Coaster
Klahrk - Sharp Set (KAVARI Remix)
Modern Collapse - Throw That iPhone X Away
Sega Bodega - Daddy
JLin - Battle Trak
Hanah - le100
Nemerov - AD05 (ABADIR Remix)
Loft - That Hyde Trakk
Ship Sket - Back Alley Sect
DJ Earl - Hol Up
GREG - Tipti
Laces - The Ridge (Trace Memory Remix)
Slikback - IN DA BACK
Granul - Maqa 
 Fausto Mercier - Mind Business
A. G. Cook - A-Z
TUNA DISPLAY - First Day Of Life