SonarMix 005: Umami b2b CRKS290 - Grime and global rhythms, signed by Dembooty


As Sónar Barcelona 2022 approaches, it’s tempting to imagine moments at the festival. Umami b2b CRKS290’s opening set at SonarPark by DICE on Saturday 18. June (15:00 to 16:30) could be one of the big surprises. At least, that's how they booth see it: "We love this slot, we're looking forward to coming out firing, enjoying the energy of Sónar by Day and turning it into a dancefloor. We’re preparing a set that we want to be enjoyed a lot, that will get the crowd sweating."

Umami and CRKS290 are known as the founders of Madrid party Dembooty - together with BRAVA (who performs at Sónar by Night on Friday 17. June, opening SonarPub by Thunder Bitch from 22:00 to 23:15). "We are trying to take the party to other cities and not only stay in Madrid. We  can see that outside of capital cities there are very interesting options, there’s a lot going on, with quality music. That has to be explored, to be given some space", they tell us.

Dembooty has attracted the attention in Spain with their commitment to global sounds. And there’s plenty of those in SonarMix 005: "We wanted this mix to represent us, to show our evolution and leave behind once and for all the ‘perreo’ image that some people have of us. We like bass, breaks, global sounds of all kinds, from baile funk, grime and afrobeat to new electronic sounds inspired by flamenco.” 

The couple, who recorded these 51 minutes at their home in Madrid during a busy day, is inspired by the work of labels like XXIII, NAAFI, Rawa, Mareo, Club Yeke, 1Forty, Caballito or Wile Out, although they dig out some "not-so recent gems". So, SonarMix 005 starts with "Masterplan" by My Nu Leng ft. Fox and treads winding path from Zutzut's "Te Chupo Todx" to Harry P's "Godzilla", passing through epic, grin-inducing moments like Debba's cheeky edit of Destiny's Child's "Say My Name".

My Nu Leng ft. Fox - Masterplan
CRKS290 ft. AKA AFK - The End
Hermit - (It Ain’t) All Good
Big Boi (Nick León Baile Mix) - Kryptonite
Zutzut - Te Chupo Todx
Sara Hebe, Highkili (Prod. Don Peligro) - Instrospectivos
Pree Me ft. なかむらみなみ - Roska (Carpainter Remix)
Bianca Oblivion - Respire
Dialect x Vital Techniques - Best In This (Killjoy Remix)
píccolo - Phantom
LUNY - Shake My Riverside (Dj Tool)
Blue Canarinho - Leader ft. Logan
Destiny’s Child - Say My Name (Debba’s Spring Bloomer Edit)
Novelist x Mumdance - 1 sec (Ali McK & IYZ Hard Re-Drum)
Sir Gil Santos - Novo Magalenha
DJ Heartstring - Dancing With Somebody
Siu Mata, Amor Satyr - Movimiento
Silverio ft. Otto Von Schirach - Salón de Belleza
Fork And Knife - Muderer MBA
Harry P - Godzilla
Katy B - Katy On a Mission
Rema (Broken Lip Flip) - Dumebi