Sónar participates in We Are Europe, the European Union’s new cultural innovation program


We Are Europe is the new initiative from the European Union's Creative Europe program, formed by the association of eight major festivals: c/o pop (Cologne, Germany), Elevate (Graz, Austria), Insomnia (Tromso, Norway), Nuits Sonores (Lyon, France), Resonate (Belgrade, Serbia), Reworks (Thessaloniki, Greece), TodaysArt (The Hague, Netherlands) and, of course, Sónar.

The participating festivals share a key common element: the inclusion of creative forums in their program (as with Sónar's Sónar+D). They also share one goal: to join forces to create, produce and disseminate innovative cultural practices from a multidisciplinary perspective, that establish strong links between artists, professionals and the general public. This year We Are Europe centres on the theme of cultural entrepreneurship as the unifying factor for the eight festivals. Their collaboration will be developed through reciprocal synergies: each festival will participate at two other dates, and also welcome two others festivals to its own event. Thus Sónar 2016 welcomes Reworks and Elevate, who will participate in both the musical program and the Sónar+D content; after which Sónar will present and commission content for TodaysArt (September 22-25) and Insomnia (October 26-28).

The participation of the two invited festivals is presented as follows:


The Greek festival will form part of the Sónar+D content, presenting "The shock waves of the sonic boom" –a debate on the differences and similarities of electronic music markets in Europe and America– and will also include the presence of festival director Anastasios Diolatzis, in the professional meetings of Meet the Expert. As for the music program, Reworks will present every performance on the SonarVillage stage Saturday June 18, with performances (in order of appearance) by Tendts, Ison, Badbadnotgood, Ivy Lab, Nozinja, Troyboi, Section Boyz y Ed Banger House Party.



At Sónar+D the Austrian festival will present the ambitious Decentralize: A journey through the independent web. It will be formed by a series of talks and themes (data privacy, blockchain, new social networks) and a special workshop in which the talk's leading speakers (Efraín Fogla, Matt Dryhurst, Katharina Nocun, Lars Holdhus, Markus Sabadello, among others...) will put into practice topics covered in the program, in front of the MarketLab audience. The cycle will be moderated by Daniel Erlacher, co-founder at Elevate Festival. In addition to Decentralize, Elevate will present the Kode9 & Lawrence Lek performance on Friday 17 in SonarHall, as well as a talk at Sónar+D on Thursday 16, where both artists will explain their close collaboration and unveil some of the show's secrets just one day before their concert. The presence of the Austrian festival is completed by the participation of one of its directors, Bernhard Steirer, at Meet the Expert.


We Are Europe

We Are Europe will also have its own space at MarketLab where it will present details and guidelines for its ambitious program. Also worth mentioning is the presence of Pierre-Marie Oullion at Meet The Expert, the artistic director for the Arty-Farty: the company that every year organizes the Nuits Sonores festival and is also responsible for the leadership and management of the We Are Europe project.