Sónar and On-the-Fly present ‘Algorave’


Joining the dots between live-coding and music generation, Sónar presented an "Algorave", live from Barcelona’s Hangar, Centro de Producción e Investigación de Artes Visuales, on Friday March 26th.

Presented by Sónar and On-the-Fly as part of the Viu festival organized by Toplap, 7 artists took part in the event, which is now available to rewatch in full, for free on this page, and at Euleroom.

From ‘Asteroids’ to Autechre, computer code has always been part of the DNA of digital electronic music, and this live-coding event makes the link even more explicit, challenging a line-up of artists, coders and musicians to create generative soundscapes from scratch in the allotted timeframe.

For more info on live-coding and the algorave movement, watch Linalab’s Sónar+D CCCB workshop, here.
  • Performers in the event:
  • Alexandra Cárdenas
  • Alicia Champlin
  • Chigüire
  • Linalab
  • Toni J
  • Turbulente

The event is part of the European project On-the-Fly funded by the Creative Europe Program.
Co-organized by Sónar Festival, On-the-Fly, Hangar and Toplap Barcelona.
Supported by Creative Europe.