NFT Exhibition curated Sónar | Tezos: art gallery meets audiovisual installation


NFT Exhibition curated Sónar | Tezos is part art gallery and part audiovisual piece. A composition of 12 synchronised large-format screens will showcase the work of a selection of the artists that are shaking up the blockchain, one NFT at a time.

Beyond the polarised debate provoked by the crypto-sphere, file-based art - whether video, sound, images, or generative code– has found a home in the blockchain and on crypto art platforms. 

The exhibition shines a light on the diversity of creative languages and aesthetics that exist in digital art. From works made in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence by visual artists like Memo Akten, Sofia Crespo and Mario Klingemann, or the GPT poetry of Sasha Stiles; to the generative artworks of Casey Reas, Alba G.Corral, Zancan and Anna Carreras. Representations of the human (or post-human) body feature in the work of Patrick Tresset, Harriet Davey and the duo Operator; and nature and ecology are explored from different angles: geology (Joanie Lemercier), biology (Agoria), and climate change (Kelly Richardson). Others experiment with nature itself: Luna Ikuta removes the color from plants and submerges them in water to create an ethereal ghostly effect. The gallery also features NFTs by longtime collaborators Ali M.Demirel and Richie Hawtin (under his Plastikman alias) and Catalan director and visual artist Franc Aleu.

NFT Exhibition curated Sónar | Tezos is open to all Sónar by Day ticket holders from 13:00 to 20:00 on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, & Saturday 18th June in SonarMàtica by Tezos