Hail Mary: Listen to Virgen Maria’s Sounds of Sónar Binaural ASMR mix


Some artists hide behind masks. Not so Virgen Maria, who (literally) strips off the layers to reveal an artist entirely comfortable in her own skin, and unafraid to take stylistic leaps. In her DJ sets, the Madrid born, London based musician and performance artist deconstructs leftfield bangers, underground trap classics and future edm, rebuilding them into contemporary psychedelic journeys. To warm up for her set at SonarXS, Virgen Maria has put together this exclusive mix, for which headphones are recommended. Here’s what she had to say about it.

This mix is the sound of 11,000 nuns singing over Jersey trap. Heaven blesses hell. What does heaven mean to you? I’ve tweaked the sub-bass to create a consciousness altering binaural mix. Join your base chakra to your heart chakra with this binaural tone that channels both.

Listen here