Yung Lean

YEAR0001 / SE

  • Saturday 18 16:30 - 17:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

The Evolution of an MC

The leader of the Sad Boys collective, Yung Lean’s approach to the codes of hip-hop is characterized by his freedom and the lack of prejudice befitting an artist of his age (just 20 years old), and an outgoing personality with multiple influences. After a year of rest and reflection (his only releases being "Crystal Clear Ice" on Adult Swim and one remix), he is releasing a new album on February 25th, "Warlord", which has been already previewed with a coiple of new tracks, the upbeat "Hoover" in which he increases the tempo, and "How You Like Me Now" one of his typically slowed down narcotic trap tunes. Today’s Yung Lean toughens the bass, sharpens rhythms (now closer to techno) and raps candidly, without sacrificing the melancholic and emotional factor that formed part of his previous work. His live show at SonarHall will certainly confirm him as a fully evolved MC.

Yung Lean, real name Jonathan Leandoer, was born in Södermalm, Sweden. He is a clear example of today’s new breed of musicians, where the Internet has become the natural habitat from which to publicize and promote creativity. His tracks and aesthetic reveal several nods to the popular culture of the 90s and early 2000s: Michael Jordan and "Space Jam", the Nintendo 64, Transformers and Windows screensavers. Counting these influences and the originality of his lyrical flow is not surprising that several of his videos have reached a million views on Youtube, and his name is already commonly known on networks and websites tracking the very best in today’s electronica and hip-hop.