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Mad Decent / UK

  • Saturday 18 19:00 - 20:15

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

The new golden boy

TroyBoi burst onto the international scene with extraordinary ferocity, as if he had been waiting for the perfect moment to appear. It took just a few shrewd moves and uploads to Soundcloud for the London producer to be recognised as a new force in trap and global electronica, setting off alarm bells at several of the world’s most important record labels. Listening to his material it is easy to understand why: TroyBoi has an inimitable talent for hitting all the right notes, with adrenaline-laced bangers that work equally well in small clubs as large-scale festivals. His talent and progression is clearly demonstrated by the track "Soundclash", together with Flosstradamus in early 2015.

Although typically associated with the trap genre, Troyboi’s sound moves beyond the confines of simplistic categorizations. In some of his tracks you will be able to hear original funk elements akin to Kaytranada (e.g. in "Do You?"); in others he plays with irresistible percussive drumbeats reminiscent of Hud Mo or Lunice, as well as including samples from Asian folklore; while some of his more recent hits have achieved huge success and openly appeal to larger and more commercial audiences, following in the footsteps of artists like Diplo. In fact, Diplo recently contacted him to collaborate on one of his latest successful songs, "Afterhours", which also featured Nina Sky. In just one year, Troyboi has also remixed Jack Ü (the Mad Decent heads' collaboration with Skrillex), and has worked with several other leading names from the international scene, including Timbaland and DJ Craze among others. He also created the SoundSnobz project together with comrade IceKream. If 2015 was his breakthrough year, 2016 will surely catapult him to international stardom.