The Black Madonna

Smart Bar / US

  • Thursday 16 18:30 - 20:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Charismatic house

The Black Madonna (Marea Stamper) suddenly seems to be everywhere. However, while the hype has only started recently, this Chicago scene dj has been around for several years, carving an unyielding reputation from her residency at Smart Bar -one of the City’s and the country’s benchmark clubs- where she has earned the honour of being named one of its official djs -along with Derrick Carter and Frankie Knuckles-. Not content with her work as resident dj, after just one year she also became creative director of the club, the ideal place to showcase her overwhelming personality and implement a philosophy based on fundamentals like the underground, feminism and queer allegiance.

Although largely known for her exciting sets, which blend the most obscure, unknown tracks with carefully selected hits, The Black Madonna is also a great producer. In fact, she began making music under various monikers in her native Kentucky before moving to Chicago, and has continued to produce under her current artist name with hits like "Exodus", "We Do not Need No Music (Thank You Rahaan)" and "Stay", magnetic, contemporary yet classically styled house tracks. The Black Madonna is technically gifted and knowledgeable, with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, essential qualities for any dj worth their salt, making her one of today’s most sought after and respected djs in both North America and Europe.