We Are Europe presents


Fair Weather Friends / GR

  • Saturday 18 13:00 - 14:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Restless brothers

The Tendts soundcloud profile describes “Two brothers makin’ music that you can dance to, or not”. It seems an odd phrase, but aptly explains one of the Greek duo’s merits, a duality that allows the best in pop soul electronica to be enjoyed in equal measure, when heard either on the dance floor, or at home. The compositions of Christos and Fotis Papadakis are both emotive and movement inducing, even though they are written and structured with disparate elements that refuse to fall into obvious patterns. They consist of palpitating beats, imaginative textures, seductive melodies and sporadic bursts of treated vocals. At times reminiscent of a resplendent Bonobo, or the galloping house of Four Tet at his best, and then invoking the cosmic jazz-funk of Flying Lotus. Their live performance includes drum machines, synths and various keyboards, and will open Saturday day at SonarVillage.

Christos and Fotis have spent a lifetime playing music together, creating sounds and tinkering with instruments in their native Thessaloniki. Some of their earliest joint experiments were included on their first compilation, “Slow Years”, released in 2012. Three more records followed: a four song 12” released on Project Mooncircle; a self-released EP entitled “Accept Failure As Part Of The Process” on which experimental pieces were inspired by their favourite artists (including William S. Burroughs and Joseph Beuys); and more recently four more tracks on the EP “Cheap Poetry” that perfectly embodies their sound universe.