Lowriders / ES

  • Thursday 16 14:30 - 15:10

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

New beats, new rhythms

With “Maleza” (EP) and “Malezas” (LP), Miguel Gil Tertre has recently forged a new pathway in his already long and stimulating career. The Madrid born producer and long term Brussels resident, has breathed a new dose of life into his beats, which continue to spread out in multiple directions (grime, footwork, bass, house) but whose sound is now more powerful and compact than ever. Versatile, and with a abundance of tools at his disposal, Strand will perform at Sónar with a brand new show specifically adapted to the SonarHall space: sinuous and dark rhythms, urban environments charged with static electricity, several unreleased compositions and eye-catching home self made visuals. It will be a very special and exclusive concert for Sónar 2016 audience.

Gil Tertre has already spent half his life creating melodies and rhythms. He began releasing albums in the early 2000s on Foehn Records, when his sound was more akin to the pastoral folk of Boards of Canada or Morr Music's electronic indie pop. For a time he was also linked to another leading national electronic label, spa.RK. He has experimented with African and oriental sounds, never losing sight of the hip-hop beats that provide the framework for all of his productions. He has released material on a variety of labels such as Galleta, City Centre Offices, Lovemonk and Lowriders, and has collaborated with renowned American writer Barry Gifford on a multimedia project. In autumn last year, his EP "Maleza" was accompanied by an album of remixes released by Disboot, which involved four of the national scene’s principal producers: Cauto, Glue Kids, Niño and Lost Twin.