• Saturday 18 02:00 - 02:45

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

Grime, r&b and beyond

The new batch of grime is here; and Michael Omari, better known as Stormzy, is one of its strongest exponents. In just one year and with a handful of releases to his name, he was voted the best grime and male artist at the most recent Mobo Awards, with his name included –along with Lewisham MC Novelist- in the latest prestigious BBC "Sound Of" list, a survey among critics and specialists conducted annually by the BBC to choose the best new UK artists.

Stormzy’s lyrical flow is strongly reminiscent of that of Dizzee Rascal (with whom he has collaborated in the past), and his imaginative productions demonstrate his ability to escape the typical clichés of the genre. In fact Stormzy has proved that his sound is beyond grime, and easily translates to more thoughtful hip-hop and r&b, probably thanks to the influence of one of his favourite artists, Frank Ocean. The Londoner’s talent and artistic ambition is clearly audible on records like the mini LP "Dreamers Disease", his latest single "WickedSkengman 4" and his big hit, "Know Me From". It can also be heard on two significant recent projects: taking many by surprise with his remix for Nick Jonas, (Jonas Brothers); and via his recent trip to Ghana where he collaborated with local artists, a trip documented by the BBC radio station 1Xtra. His live show at Sónar will surely confirm that this new MC (scarcely 22 years old) is destined to go far.