Red Axes

I’m a Cliché / IR

  • Friday 17 00:20 - 01:20

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub

Dynamic duo

2015 confirmed what many had previously thought in 2014: Red Axes are not only very good, but have also managed -in just over three years- to establish their own unique sound, an undertaking which, for other producers, cann take an entire career to accomplish. The quality of their work and the essence of their music is perfectly defined by the quartet of EPs released last year: "Pil Sagol" on Hivern (John Talabot’s label); "Shem Vol.1" and "Shem Vol. 2" on I'm A Cliché, and "Waiting For a Surprise" on Multi Culti, to which we should also add their single on Crosstown Rebels remixed by Isolée. The dominant genre in their work is house; an oblique, magnetic, unconventional often slow bpm house that loses none of its dance floor effectiveness, infused by string arrangements, Brazilian voices, dry percussion, psychedelic synths and other irresistible hooks that impressively enrich every track.

Part of the bustling Tel Aviv scene for many years, Red Axes is comprised of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi. They formed in 2010 after the disbanding of rock group Red Cotton in which both played. No doubt their history as musicians has greatly influenced their productions by bringing stylistic variety to their music. This is certainly the case for their excellent (and to date, only) album "Ballad of The Ice", a perfect combination of dance and psychedelic music, expressed through a global vision and short, almost pop like, track lengths. Also worthy of note are their energetic and natural live shows that shy away from the clichés of rock guitars, focusing fully on house beats. Hyperactive and nocturnal, the duo is currently in a particularly creative purple patch, with a plethora of new music planned for release during the first half of 2016. They have also recently launched their own label label, Garzen Records, in order to showcase new artists and emerging Israeli producers.