We Are Europe presents


Nozinja Music / SA

  • Saturday 18 18:15 - 19:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Shangaan master

The king of Shangaan electro comes to Sónar and will step up the pace at SonarVillage with one of his thrilling concerts fusing traditional African dance and electronic music at more than 140 bpm. The musician from Limpopo will present tracks from "Nozinja Lodge" his debut album on Warp, released in 2015. His signing to the infamous UK label (home to Autechre and Boards Of Canada, among many others) demonstrates the enormous interest his rhythms have aroused in the Western world. However his international standing goes beyond just Warp: last year he recorded the 12” "Thinking Of You" with Micachu, Mumdance and Tirza, which was released on The Vinyl Factory, and had Wire magazine devoting pages of extensive reviews. This will be his second visit to Sónar after the energetic show together with the Shangaan Electro collective in 2011.

Although born in Gyani in the north of South Africa, it was Soweto where Nozinja (real name Richard Mthetwa) developed the Shangaan electro sound in the early part of this century. Fascinated by the strange, jerky street party dance music in the suburbs of Johannesburg, Nozinja infused his own electronic polyrhythms to an already ecstatic and explosive sound that mixed kwaito house and tsonga disco. The movement in its infancy was documented by a variety of cassettes, DVDs and CD-Rs edited by Nozinja Productions, the label created by Mthetwa. Shortly after, artists like Caribou, Ben UFO and Pearson Sound began to incorporate several of these tracks into their dj sets, with British label Honest Jons chiefly responsible for spreading the virus throughout Europe via two essential compilations: "Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa" and "Shangaan Shake", the latter featuring remixes from Theo Parrish, Rashad & Spinn, Hype Williams and Actress, among others.