• Friday 17 21:30 - 22:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

Drums to infinity

Besides his well-known skills as a producer, Noaipre is an excellent DJ whose sets embrace the modern trends emerging from ghetto culture worldwide; Lisbon to Chicago, via London or Rio. Footwork, baile funk, Jersey and Baltimore club, Bay Area rap, London grime and a whole host of micro-genres pass through his rapidly moving hands, giving shape to a distinctive sound tied together by his dedication to rhythm or, in his own parlance 'The Drum'. Dynamic and self-demanding, this Gallician (now residing in Valencia) operates outside the traditional music marketplace and is experiencing an effervescent creative period that may result in the release of new EPs and tracks throughout 2016.

Noaipre began his career on the Arkestra label run by his friend Mwëslee, with whom he remains closely linked. He has released material on Iberian Records and Ho Tep ( a sublabel of Eglo Records), and in recent years has established many useful connections with the British underground scene. This has resulted in his tracks recently being heard in mixes and sets by figures such as Murlo, Slackk, Mr. Mitch, and on the airwaves for Rinse FM in one of the shows by the Lucky Me collective.