Niño de Elche + Los Voluble: “En el Nombre de”


  • Friday 17 18:30 - 19:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Second round

After the overwhelming success of last year’s "Raverdial" in SonarComplex, Niño de Elche and Los Voluble return to the festival to exclusively present their new project “En el Nombre de”. As well as the "cantaor" (famenco singer) and the Seville remix duo, the new show will feature multi-instrumentalist Pablo Peña (Pony Bravo, Fiera) and regular Niño de Elche collaborator, guitarist Raúl Cantizano. "En el Nombre de" focus its narrative in the Mediterraneans sea as a cultural exchange centre and takes the "cantes de ida y vuelta" (go-and-come chants) to cross them with today’s EU foreign policy, converting the sea into a graveyard full of anonymous corpses. Multiplying borders and bodies in transit appear in the lyrics of Niño de Elche, remixing unidentified songs and writings by queer philosopher and activist Paul B. Prciado, creating a dialogue together with Los Voluble through a network of texts, images and sounds set to the rhythm of the rawest frontier crossing electronica.

Francisco Contreras Molina (Niño de Elche) is an unconventional artist. He is a guitarist, songwriter, singer and performer of extraordinary talent whose activity over the last year and a half has been somewhat frenetic, including rock, flamenco, improvisation, electronic and dance projects. His album "Voces del Extremo" was considered by critics one of the most important works to be released in Spain in 2015, and its transition to a live performance was also unanimously praised. Pedro and Benito Jimenez formed Los Voluble in 1996, a VJ / DJ duo who thrive on audiovisual experimentation, improvisation, political commentary and a sharp sense of humour. “En el Nombre de” is their second project together, following "Raverdial" the mix of rave (with all the political and social implications and appealing to the roots of underground parties) and verdiales (a form of flamenco inseparable from the fiesta spirit), which was a resounding success at Sónar 2015.