Diagonal / ES - NO

  • Saturday 18 14:00 - 14:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Nitrogen Mercury Oxygen

Behind the acronym N.M.O. are hide two musicians engaged in an on-going exploration of their art: Barcelona's Rubén Patiño and the Norwegian Morten J. Olsen. More knowledgeable listeners will know them from their previous work, and for those who don't, they have the perfect opportunity to discover their amazing sound over the coming months: firstly with their new album on Diagonal, one of of today’s most important labels in contemporary European electronic music (led by Oscar Powell); secondly via a joint EP with Exotèric Continent, on Catalan label Anòmia; and finally, the culmination of their efforts, a live show at Sónar by Day combining drum beats, analogue synthesizers, offstage performances and visual devices.

N.M.O. revamp techno, IDM, and rave hardcore rave structures to deliver a physical and powerful sound, operating in a territory somewhere between club music and scientific research. Their shows typically include situations where they purposely break with convention and challenge the passive listening experience of their audience. Another of their hallmarks is to frequently change the meaning of their acronym, with their most recent release on the prestigious Boomkat label being attributed to "Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz", soon followed by the "Natalia Martinez Ordóñez EP", on the label Where To Now?. Their new material on Diagonal, perhaps their best to date, follows in the same vein with a dual title: Nordic Mediterranean Organization / Numerous Miscommunications Occur.