Lloret Salvatge

Famélic / ES

  • Friday 17 14:30 - 15:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Global Sonic Landscapes

Experimental electronica micro-compositions. These ara the words used to describe the work of Quim Font (the man behind Lloret Salvatge) by his label, Famèlic Records. This Catalan musician produces short sound pieces with long resonance, forging sampled sounds, field recordings (waves, hammers, rain) into ethereal atmospheres somewhere between ancient folk and cutting edge minimalism. This process shaped the work "Humitats", an album consisting of 30 micro-tracks less than 2 minutes in length that relate to his daily life. He will present these songs live on stage with a special AV show at SonarHall.

The narrative contained in "Humitats" reveals an author with much to share and whose talent would fit perfectly in the world of soundtracks. His unique and inimitable sound was first heard on the "La Roqueta" EP, released in late 2012 using a more song based format, which incorporated a mix of psychedelic folk with dreamlike noisy electronic sounds. Despite these lofty genre descriptions, the music of Lloret Salvatge is not at all pretentious or inaccessible. On the contrary, it captures subtle moments and tiny everyday situations, turning them into a wondrous collision of sounds that coalesce perfectly and naturally.