Laurent Garnier


  • Saturday 18 00:00 - 07:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarCar

Garnier like you've never seen him before

Garnier will deliver a very special seven-hour set at this year’s Sónar. An unprecedented session in which a story is told through music, a counter-narrative to the frenesis of everyday life. Garnier’s next performance at Sónar by Night will add yet another chapter to the long standing relationship between the French dj and the festival; Garnier himself suggested the idea, choosing Sónar as the ideal environment to express his art form and take us on an expansive treasure laden musical journey. A unique opportunity to dust off old records, mix timeless classics and forgotten underground gems from start to finish, which is guaranteed to be an extraordinary experience both in his career and in the history of Sónar.

A regular fixture at the festival since the very first Sónar in 1994, Garnier has played a crucial role in the development and recognition of electronic music as the popular sound of our times. Admired worldwide, always ambitious and in a permanent state of flux, the French dj and producer continues to regularly release first rate material including five EPs on five different labels during 2014 and 2015. Despite his long career (last year he celebrated his 25th anniversary as a dj) he has never once lost his total and unrelenting love for music or passion for his profession. He recently revived the F Communications label, on which he released the extensive compilation "The Home Box". This year, Saturday night at Sónar, the revamped SonarCar stage is all his.

Laurent Garnier Live playlist