Las Hermanas


  • Friday 17 16:00 - 17:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Photos of a Latin past revealed

After their fantastic performance at Sónar Bogotá, Sónar Barcelona welcomes Las Hermanas with open arms, one of Colombia’s most interesting projects so far this decade. Las Hermanas dust off old and melancholic sounds that evoke the romance and elegance of Latin American music, re-contextualizing by blending the past and future to perfection. They recently published "Kulto of Kultos" (2016), a new four track EP that reignites a seductive and unique sound. Their live show combines modern electronic beats with redefined samples of music heard by Colombian grandparents, all illustrated with ancient emotive sepia toned images, burned in timeimages, bearing the hallmarks of time.

Las Hermanas is in fact the personal project of visual artist Diego Cuellar. His first two EPs, “Hermanas I” y “Hermanas II”, were released in 2014, to immediate critical acclaimand were immediately acknowledged, receiving both public and multiple specialized media acclaim in Latin America, both in the mainstream and specialized press: so much so that Las Hermanas were featured in the ‘best of year’ lists for Club Fonograma, Sounds and Colours, Noisey and Remezcla. His sound is unforgettable and inimitable, in that instead of exploring tropical themes or electronic club music, he retouches timeless relics, to map out a peaceful, serene and very cinematic atmosphere. It is now time for the European public to discover this fascinating artist and a performance that is like no other.