Kölsch (live)

Kompakt / DK

  • Friday 17 03:55 - 04:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub

Irrepressible Techno

Widely admired and respected by the house and techno community, Rune Reilly Kölsch (half Danish, half Irish) has spent many years producing high quality material and injecting energy (and melody) into the continent’s finest dance floors. An integral member of Michael Mayer’s Kompakt label, Kölsch has released several singles and EPs (almost all as part of the Speicher series) and two deeply emotionally charged albums: the dynamic and varied "1977", in which Rune openly explores his relationship with his hippie parents and his childhood in a Christian commune; its sequel, "1983" was released in June last year, and once again proved to be a record made from the heart, inspired by a trip to Europe when he was just six years old. His LP material is more personal and intimate than his powerful techno sets and markedly different from his studio tracks made with one eye on the dance floor. Kölsch will demonstrate each of these facets in a new semi exclusive, visually enhanced live show at SonarPub, one of his rare performances this summer.