King Midas Sound + Fennesz

Ninja Tune / UK

  • Thursday 16 17:30 - 18:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Strength in numbers

Kevin Martin and Christian Fennesz are both incredibly well respected musicians on the international scene -one being based in London, the other in Vienna- who recently combined forces to produce work that moves beyond the sum of their individual talents. On first glance they appear to have little in common, however upon hearing "Edition 1" the similarities become more obvious, especially their shared passion for musical risk taking and their zeal for sonic exploration and unconventional sounds. In this happy partnership Fennesz provides his own style of distorted guitar textures while Martin adapts them to a more typically placid place, to which two final ingredients are added: vocalists Roger Robinson and Kiki Hitomi, both accomplices of Martin in King Midas Sound. The four performers -Martin, Robinson, Hitome and Fennesz- will take to the SónarHall stage for a concert that is sure please the most open minded and demanding eardrums.

Kevin Martin is the mind behind integral projects in the field of experimental dub including Techno-Animal and The Bug. He also created King Midas Sound in 2007 together with Robinson to provide an outlet for the more lyrical and reflective side of their music projects. To date they have released several singles and an album, "Waiting For You" on Kode9’s label Hyperdub. Meanwhile, Christian Fennesz has already spent almost two decades experimenting with beautiful and often unsettling soundscapes, replete with feedback and processed guitars. Their output is some of the most important work in ambient and avant-garde music in recent years and includes "Hotel Parallel", "Endless Summer", "Venice" and more recently "Bécs". "Edition 1" represents the first in a series of four albums planned by King Midas Sound and will see them work alongside musicians they have always admired, with Fennesz of course being at the top of the list.