Kenny Dope


  • Thursday 16 21:00 - 23:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Master at Work

Following the distinguished line of memorable closures at Sónar by Day by the likes of Dj Harvey and Theo Parrish, Sónar 2016 will see another illustrious dj grace the Village stage, whose experience and knowledge are unparalleled: Kenny Dope Gonzalez. The NYC dj is a luminary of the house, garage and original hip hop scene, both as a solo artist and member of the legendary duo Masters At Work with partner Little Louie Vega. Dope is a past master (pun intended) of mixing soulful sounds, phat hip-hop beats and Latin rhythms for the dance-floor, and is responsible for countless hits that are cornerstones in the history of house music. His set on Thursday at SónarVillage promises to provide an endless selection of rare treats from all eras and styles, and is an absolute must for all lovers of dance music (and music in general).

Born into a Puerto Rican family, the life of Kenny Gonzalez has always been connected to music. From a very young age his first love was hip-hop, which has always remained a key element in his work. Aged 15 he was already organizing parties in Brooklyn under the Masters At Work name (at that time with Mike Delgado, with Todd Terry regularly attending). Shortly after he joined forces with Vega and in 1990 they began to release their first productions together. The rest as they say is history: immortal garage and house hymns, widespread recognition and respect, hugely important parallel projects (Nuyorican Soul, The Bucketheads) and collaborations with Robert Owens, Tito Puente and Jocelyn Brown have gone on to form an incredible recording legacy and discography that continues to grow today.