We Are Europe presents

Ivy Lab

20/20 LDN / UK

  • Saturday 18 17:00 - 18:15

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Bass trio

The three members of Ivy Lab have drum'n'bass at the heart of their musical culture. In fact, Stray, Sabre and Halogenix were each working as solo artists at the fringes of the genre, before joining forces on a project that has proved to be much greater than the sum of its parts. Their shared synergy has helped create music that continues to draw from jungle and drum'n'bass syncopations but that also sits comfortably alongside bass music, abstract hip-hop and "soulful" electronica, regularly embracing the power of the groove. This was perfectly embodied in the group’s first album "20/20", an evocative and exuberant workout of rhythms, tones and melodies, that effortlessly combined relentless energy and a deftness of touch.The album also appears on their own newly created label 20/20LDN.

The collaboration between Stray, Sabre and Halogenix first took shape on single "Oblique", released in February 2012 on London label Critical Recordings. What was intended as a one off project, quickly consolidated into a diverse and ever expanding output, with a working method that leaves room for each member’s own creativity, in the form of a group or collective of producers operating individually but working under the same name. Following several singles on Critical -as well as appearances on other labels including Goldie’s legendary Metalheadz and Shogun Audio- they started the 20/20 parties in London and founded their own label, thereby creating a channel for their output of wide ranging sounds including footwork, jungle, drum'n'bass, hip-hop and future beats.