Resident Advisor

Intergalactic Gary


  • Friday 17 23:30 - 00:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

Cult DJ

Voluntarily shying away from the trappings of fame, the Dutchman Intergalactic Gary has for some time been a cult DJ on the club and independent festival circuit throughout Europe. His formative years as a DJ began in the 80s in The Hague, where he was inspired by the innovative disco and Italo disco of that time. Naturally, thirty years of experience have given him a deep understanding of his profession, a virtue that is palpable in each of his sets, which are often lessons in electronic music history but never lose sight of the principal objective of all good DJs: to connect with the public, making them dance and experience pleasure through music. This is exactly what the Wellington, New Zealand born Dutchman does, and is why he is considered a favourite among other better known DJs.

The majority of Intergalactic Gary’s career has taken place at small parties and clubs in Holland. In the 90s he was a resident at The Hague’s most important club, The D.S., where every Sunday he handpicked the very best in Chicago house, disco, Belgian new beat, and dark techno with a special soft spot for Detroit. In his accomplished hands genres are blurred in a hypnotic and totally coherent manner, perfect for medium capacity clubs and audiences willing to be taken on long musical voyages. Besides his role as a DJ, Scheffer has been a radio presenter and has released his own material under the aliases Silverstream and The Paralaxx Corporation, the latter project in conjunction with another Dutchman of international standing, IF, with whom he shared considerable success between 2000 and 2001. For several years he has regularly performed on the European circuit at clubs like Panorama Bar in Berlin, and has released several mixes for labels including Dekmantel, Roller Disco Records and Digital Tsunami.