Ilia Mayer

Disboot / ES

  • Friday 17 13:00 - 14:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

The sound of the universe

Producer, composer and illustrator, Ilia Mayer has been operating on the fringes of the Barcelona electronic scene for some time, always working at his own pace and choosing not to succumb to the dictates of the market or the increasing speed of modern life. For this reason, despite his considerable experience, his debut only saw the light of day a few months ago. "Vida Nocturna" is comprised of just two tracks, but their working parts contain much more than the deluge of records released week after week. To quote the album liner notes by poet Martí Sales "On this Ilia Mayer record we find trains running through the night, empty and illuminated, as if in a film by Theo Angelopoulos from the Ghibli studio. And conversations between insects moving through vegetables in a secret garden." Twenty minutes of music that is a universe in itself, drawing on ambient, minimalism, dub, field recordings and landscape textures with huge evocative power. His live appearance at SonarVillage on Friday will also include animated images that illustrate the unique world of this Barcelona based producer.

Mayer is a cornerstone of the Disboot label, where in addition to his role as a composer and producer he has had a long career as a graphic artist. He has designed several of the label’s album covers, for example two installments of the Downliners Sekt trilogy, and numerous flyers for various parties and events. He also collaborated on the track, "Kyuuka", the label’s first release back in 2008. He was of course responsible for the "Nocturnal" cover artwork that echoes the peculiar andand complex world of its author.