Resident Advisor

Hot Shotz (Powell + Lorenzo Senni)


  • Friday 17 22:30 - 23:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

Four handed deconstruction

Hot Shotz is Oscar Powell and Lorenzo Senni; two of today’s most important experimental electronic artists. Although Powell leans more towards industrial sounds and primitive techno, while Senni draws from 90s trance as his main source of inspiration, both the British and Italian artists share a similar working method; deconstructing dance music patterns and structures, while maintaining basic elements to create new genre adaptations. Their alliance is therefore both logical and exciting, with the potential to open up new possibilities forfor experimental club music today. Pay great attention to what this partnership offers on Friday night at SonarLab.

Oscar Powell has revolutionized the British underground scene -and by extension, the international electronic scene- with his powerful productions and his manifesto for Diagonal, the label he runs with Jamie Williams. Powell has instigated a radical and inflammatory sound with his own music and also through the output of label artists including Prostitutes, Shit & Shine and the mighty Russell Haswell. Meanwhile, Lorenzo Senni -who also runs his own label, Presto?! has astounded even the most sceptical of listeners with albums like “Quantum Jelly” (on Mego) or “Superimpositions” (on Boomkat Editions), which have confirmed him as a tireless investigator and one of the most important innovators in today’s dance music mechanisms.