Four Tet

Text / UK

  • Friday 17 00:00 - 07:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarCar

A seven-hour master class

Before Laurent Garnier will take over the SonarCar stage on Saturday at Sónar by Night with a special seven-hour set, Friday night it’s Four Tet’s turn. Unquestionably one of the most important producers on the international scene over the last decade, the British artist will demonstrate why he is also regarded as an exceptional dj. The secrets to the success of his dj sets is evident: his extraordinary knowledge of the history of music, his extremely discerning taste in selecting a treasure trove of tracks and his ability to effortlessly mix them together. Four Tet is interested in virtually any genre: techno, ambient, rock, jazz, house, funk, kraut, new wave, afro, hip-hop and bass music in all their guises and from any era. That said the Englishman carefully chooses only the very best from each genre, often tracks by lesser-known artists, thereby building his own alternative to the official mainstream history of music. This makes him the ideal choice to play an extended dj set at this year’s SonarCar on Friday at Sónar by Night.

Kieran Hebden is so much more than a dj and producer. His skillset and panoramic view of music have regularly enabled him to move sinuously between genres, making him a very special artist who is respected and admired by the public, press and peers alike. His first musical excursions saw him explore pastoral synthetic folk, make incursions into more experimental territor, all the while with a focus on creating glowing synthetic melodies. In recent years his output has skewed towards the dancefloor, reflecting a greater affection for dance tracks and club music. Some highlights from his varied career include: actively collaborating with jazz drummer Steve Reid, before his death; collaborating in the studio with Burial and Thom Yorke; heading post rock band, Fridge; dj’ing with regular cohorts Daphni and Floating Points; remixing a whole host of well known artists; releasing material under the Percussions alias; and running the Text Records label. He is without a doubt a total artist: taking on a host of projects and roles at the same time, and, more importantly doing them all amazingly. We’re thrilled to have him kick off this new and exciting format at SonarCar.