Fatboy Slim


  • Saturday 18 04:00 - 05:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Funk Soul Brother

Following his triumphant first show for us four years ago, Fatboy Slim will return to Sónar with his new show, headlining the main SónarClub stage at Sónar by Night. A superstar  and advocate of the most open-minded party electronica, the English DJ and producer (Norman Cook on his passport) knows instinctively how to move the most timid of dance floors, thanks to a powerful and vibrant show and a catalogue of insurmountable hits. Cook -who recently began a series of parties in Las Vegas, performed on the Great Wall of China and played to 350,000 people in Rio de Janeiro- has perfectly managed the transition from his 90s stardom, reinventing himself without ever losing his identity, which can be defined by his expansive personality, his hilarious sense of humour and an unquestioned ability to lay down sure-fire hits for the dance floor.

During the 80s Cook was bassist for the Housemartins, one of the UK’s most popular groups. Soon after he rapidly took command of the early 90s electronica scene with projects like Beats International and Freak Power, counting on first time hits like "Dub Be Good To Me "or" Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out", tracks overflowing with groove and built in listener anticipation. The big change came in 1996, when he invented the Fatboy Slim pseudonym, which has now become part of British dance music history. His chunky funky beats and contagious samples defined an era and can be heard almost anywhere in the world. Several of his videos also remain unrivalled, such as the legendary "Praise You" shot by Spike Jonze, or Christopher Walken dancing to "Weapon of Choice". Long accustomed to performing in front of large crowds, Brighton’s most famous producer knows exactly how to transform any situation and moment into a party, especially in the hallowed halls of Sónar.