David August (live band)


  • Thursday 16 20:30 - 21:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Youthful ambitious talent

Ever since the excellent "Instant Harmony" EP appeared in 2010 on Diynamic (Solomun’s label), David Augusts’ name has continued to appear regularly on the European house and electronic music circuit. The young musician from Hamburg (currently living in Berlin) moves effortlessly between dance music and classical composition, already producing a sizeable discography in which both the synthetic and organic perfectly coalesce. For him, there is little difference between adding a digital bass line to a house track and writing a score to a classical song with string arrangements. It is therefore unsurprising that after just a few singles August felt he needed to work with a band to evolve as a musician and continue to expand his sound in new directions. At Sónar we will see the fruits of his labour, where he will be accompanied on stage by his trusted musicians, allowing him to share this particularly creative period, where everything has fallen into place and anything is possible.

Born in 1990, August grew up in a very musical environment: his father is a pianist and his mother often played him many of the great works in classical music, both canonical and contemporary. At 5 years old he began to play the piano, at 15 he became interested in electronic dance music and dj’ing, and by 18 he was remixing tracks with considerable ease. A year later at 19, he released his first single on Stil Vor Talent, with the help of Oliver Koletzki. Besides his albums on Stil Vor Talent and Diynamic (including the 2013 LP "Times") it is also worth mentioning his EP "Epikur" released on the prestigious German label Innervisions, home to Dixon and  Âme. August has just released the first track of his new EP, titled “J.B.Y. / Ouvert”, on the Ninja Tune Imprint Counter Records in London digitally.